Saturday, May 17, 2014

10–10.30    registration

10.30–11    welcome address: prof. Jan Balbierz, Jagiellonian University

11–11.20    coffee break

11.20–13    session I

theories of influence 1

chair: prof. Jan Balbierz

Nicolás Garayalde, The Influence of Not-Reading

Michał Krzykawski, Bataille’s Clout: Rediscussing Past and Present “French Theory”

Łukasz Śliwa, Breaking of the Vessels: Kabbalistic Sources of Deconstruction


13–14.00    lunch


14–15.30    session II

gendering influence

chair: Alicja Kowalczewska

Dominika Kozera, The postmodern rewriting of Little Red Riding Hood in Angela Carter’s short stories The Company of Wolves and The Werewolf

Katarzyna Lisowska, The Theory of Influence and the Metaphors in Gender Criticism – a case study


15.30–15.50              coffee break

15.50–17.20              session III

influence in poetry

chair: Karolina Jaworska

Maciej Nawrocki, William Carlos Williams’ Position in the Literary Polysystem of Julia Hartwig

Wit Pietrzak, Paul Muldoon and Varieties of Influence

William Kels, How to Master a Demon: The Paradoxical Incorporation of Influence


18                 conference dinner

                 venue: Restaurant “Chimera”, św. Anny 3, Kraków


Sunday, May 18, 2014

10–11.30    session IV

theories of influence 2

chair: Maciej Nawrocki

Anna Jarmuszkiewicz, Michał Głowiński’s theory and practice of literary influence

Natalia Palich, Am I The One Writing This Book? Daniela Hodrová on Literary Influence 

Pınar Özütemiz, The Museum as an Intertextual Space


11.30–11.50              coffee break

11.50–13.20              session V

influence in fiction

chair: Michał Jutkiewicz

Melanie Heydari, Specters of Influence in Vikram Seth’s An Equal Music

David Sierra, Temporality of Memory in Literary Influence: A Sociological Alternative Exploration of Julio Cortazar’s Creative Process


13.20–13.35              closing address